Q. How do I receive a quote / place an order?

You may email, call, or contact us through our website under CONTACT US. 
In most cases, we require a picture reference to provide you the best quote, So we recommend to email us!



Q.Is there a minimum requirement?

Yes, our minimum starts from $150 + delivery / set up fee from Mon ~ Fri & Sun

Or $300 + delivery / set up fee on Saturdays

If you wish to get anything below our minimum, this is only available for pick up.



Q. How far do you travel?

We only provide services within 20 miles from our office, located in Los Angeles. 
Unless if it’s a special event. 



Q. Do you have a local store?

No we do not have a local store/ show room. We operate from a small warehouse.



Q. How long does the balloons usually last?

Our balloons usually last up to 10~12 hrs. With Hi-float option (Special liquid put in each balloon before blowing up)

With this, the balloons can last up to 2-3 days.

We highly recommend to go with this option if you are looking to send a gift delivery, Prices vary depending on sizes.




Q. How do you process a decoration order?

First we will discuss your decoration needs over

email or phone -> create invoice -> process payment -> set up before your event starts -> clean up after your event.



Q. How far in advance should I place the order?

There is no set dates, it’s based on first come, first serve.